Originating from the UK, Padbox is a form of boxing that gives you the same rush of adrenaline as other boxing sports but in a contact free environment. Padbox enables you to improve your performance, to let go of stress and to reap the physical benefits of other boxing disciplines in a risk free setting.

A Padbox session will help you improve your physical endurance, your coordination and your reflexes, allowing each person to progress at their own speed.

A normal class starts off with a full warm up and stretching exercises, the participant then puts on their gloves and trains on the jab pads (padded hand-held targets worn by the coach) and a “calm down” session finishes off each class.

Combining fancy footwork, dodges and a range of different combat moves with grace, agility and skill; Padbox has given boxing a makeover. Constantly supervised by the coach, maximum effort is demanded and complete safety is offered, giving you the highs that boxing provides without having to put yourself in danger in the ring.

The little material needed for Padbox is provided for you and Padbox training can be easily adapted to confined spaces such as houses or offices.

Padbox makes boxing open to ALL.

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