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Educational boxing is a boxing discipline which is open to everybody. It differs from traditional amateur boxing in the following ways:

-         you can have fun with your opponent

-         you must not hurt your adversary

 -          any violent behaviour will be reprimanded (1)

The foundations of boxing stay the same, but the contender evolves and improves due to their technical and tactical skills rather than the strength of their blows.

The speed of the blow is the same as with normal boxing, the difference with Educational boxing is that the student must have complete control of the level of impact of the punch, otherwise they may face penalties. (2)

As violent blows are strictly forbidden, even at competition level, students have no choice but to consider a wide range of moves, this will in turn lead to the student being able to fight without hitting their adversary with force. (2)

With training that is fun and risk-free, Educational boxing aims to develop skills and attitudes that a student can use in their everyday life. For example: in dangerous situations, students are more aware of how best to react. They know that how they behave in public can be viewed negatively and, in certain circumstances, their actions can be punished. (2)

Through proper training, students will see an improvement in their motor and interpersonal skills. They will learn to overcome their inhibitions, control their movements and control their emotions (towards themselves as well as towards their adversary). (1)

Games are the teacher’s principal tool, but he can also set up practice conditions which are not game-related by using global and analytical learning techniques (2)


(2)André Mukala Nsengu Tshibangu,

Instructeur Fédéral, Juge et Directeur d'Assaut. Blog: Boxe Anglaise

En ligne. http://boxe-anglaise.blogspot.com/2006/06/dcouvrons-la-boxe-ducative-assaut.html

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Règlement Boxe Educative Assaut BEA (FEV 2011) En ligne.